Here’s what was covered over the Ten Days of Twitter. We looked at a small aspect each day, building it up bit by bit so you’ll be tweeting confidently in a couple of weeks! If you wish to refresh your memory, or work through the programme yourself in your own time, the materials are here in the correct order (as the programme is in a blog format, the posts will of course be in reverse chronological order!).

• Day One – 13th May: Set up a profile

• Day Two -14th May: What to tweet

• Day Three – 15th May: Following people

• Day Four – 16th May: @messages

• Day Five – 17th May: Embedding and shortening URL’s

• Day Six – 18th May: Retweeting

• Day Seven – 19th May: Hashtags

• Day Eight – 20th May: Managing people (apps to create lists)

• Day Nine – 21st May: Managing information (apps to curate links)

• Day Ten – 22nd May: Past and Future: Twitter archiving and scheduling tweets


2 thoughts on “Schedule

    1. rowellc Post author

      Hi Anjulie

      Yes of course:) All the tasks will be posted on this blog and you can access it from anywhere as long as you have intenet connection



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