DAY ELEVEN ?! of #RUL10DoT: what next?

Well, that’s the end of the Ten Days of Twitter! I hope you enjoyed it, and that you are now tweeting confidently and productively if you were a beginner, or that you reviewed your practice and picked up a few hints and tips if you’d tweeted before. It was great to see so many people with experience of Twitter offering help and advice too- a fantastic demonstration of how Twitter can be a powerful learning network for professional development!

If you’re still catching up, don’t worry! The materials will remain online here for you to work through in your own time, and hopefully those who have already completed the course will be around on Twitter to offer support, advice and company!

So where will you go from here? Have you decided that Twitter isn’t for you (and at least now you can make that decision on an informed basis!), or will you keep tweeting and taking part in the discussions and professional communities around Regent’s University, your own subject area, and higher education on Twitter? For myself, I really think it’s a great tool for my own CPD and for sharing practice and learning from others, and it’s been great to make so many new contacts.

If you need more help with using Twitter, the site’s own support pages are a good introduction to the various things it can do. Or if you google your question or search on Youtube for video tutorials, you’ll also find that there are a host of resources that people have made and uploaded to help others. But perhaps best of all, your Twitter network itself is a great place to ask questions and find people who can answer them, as we’ve found on this course!


We’ll shortly be sending round an evaluation survey, to find out what you thought of 10 Days of Twitter. We’d really welcome your feedback, so we can improve the programme and perhaps run future courses like this on other aspects of social media!

The Future

Now you’ve learned to use Twitter as part of the #RUL10DoT community, it would be great if we can sustain the conversations and the community around social media and academia at Regent’s University.
•The Hashtag #RULtott  (Regent’s University London Tricks of the Trade) draws together information and conversations around learnng technology at Regent’s University. Keep ‘an eye’ on this  for information about activities and events on this topic within the University and beyond.You might want to save it as a search or set up a column in your Tweetdeck or Hootsuite platform to keep track of it.
•I’ll still be around on Twitter as @chri5rowell, of course, tweeting about a wide range of issues to do with Higher Education, including my specific interests in technology enhanced learning and professional development! I look forward to interacting with you in future – do get in touch!

I would like to run a similar course to this in the future (in the Autumn term) please tick one or more of the following options if you are interested:


2 thoughts on “DAY ELEVEN ?! of #RUL10DoT: what next?

  1. Julian Childs

    Many thanks, Chris.
    Enjoyed the course… A shame my photo with Duncan Goodhew didn’t cut the selfie mustard!
    Best, J


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